Lecture AM1

Goldeneye devices

  • Goldeneye Skinstyler
  • Needles and the to be expected result
  • Handpiece holder
  • Mixer and Detector

Lecture AM2

Colour theory and pigmentology: All you need to know about the Coloressense pigments

  • Goldeneye Coloressense key features, REACH
  • How to thin out pigments using Easy Flow or Skin Top
  • Documenting pigments you have used in declaration of consent/client record card
  • How much pigment you need for a treatment
  • Colour chart: warm, cool & neutral
  • How to use a colour chart
  • Avoiding application errors
  • Simple colour selection
  • Mixing shades, mix & draw sticks
  • How to mix pigments
  • How to archive recipes

Lecture AM3

Colour theory and pigmentology: eyebrows

  • Type assessment: hair, skin, desired intensity
  • Colour selection and optimisation
  • How to swatch and evaluate your pigment’s colour
  • Colour layering
  • Pigment mask

Lecture AM4

Colour theory and pigmentology: lips

  • Colour chart warm, cool & neutral
  • How to use a colour chart
  • Type assessment: hair, skin, desired intensity
  • Complementary colours
  • Pigment layering, pigment mask

Lecture AM5

Colour theory and pigmentology: eyes

  • Colour selection eyeliner
  • Pigment mixes for lashes
  • Casual and bold eyeliner pigments

Lecture AM6

Colour theory and pigmentology: follow-up appointment, colour/micropigmentation touch-up

  • Follow-up appointment
  • Colour correction
  • Skin tones, camouflage colours and pastel pigments

Lecture AM7

Necessary products

  • Goldeneye products during treatment
  • Goldeneye skincare to apply at home
  • Shopping list for your workstation
  • Training set-up (e.g. pencil, bowl, cotton pads, Vaseline and so on)