• Master of Powder

    Our basic training course offers you a comprehensive introduction to the world of the Goldeneye Pigmentist. You will learn everything you need for a successful start. From make-up artistry to dermatology and type-appropriate design!

Learn from the best!

Complete package including device, training material, classroom training & certificate.

The entire online training is led by star pigmentist Holger Hoffmann (Vital Kosmetikakademie). This complete package includes training in theory, online practice and face-to-face practice on the model. At the end of this extensive training series, you will be a specialist in the following techniques: powder brows, ombre brows, multi-colored gradient on the brows. On the eyes you will have mastered: lash line enhancement, eyeliner and wing techniques as well as the coveted powdered eyeliner technique. Lips: intense powdery lips, pastel candy lips, exciting lip blushing and transparent aqua lips.
The aim of the seminar is clearly defined. You should be able to master all these modern techniques without fear and with confidence as a new application, as a second treatment and as a refresher treatment. You will receive the Goldeneye Skinstyler as a gift with this booking!!!

Which techniques can I offer my customers after this training course?

Mastering a range of different techniques is key to generating a 5-digit monthly turnover and meeting your customers’ needs in your salon.
You will master the following skills by absolving the MASTER OF POWDER training course:

  • Soft monocoloured Powder
  • Modern Powder-Gradient Techniques
  • Ombré Balayage with two pigments
  • Natural lash line enhancement
  • Classic eyeliner techniques
  • Powder eyeliner
  • Techniques for a perfect eyeliner wing
  • Lip Blushing
  • Candy Lips
  • Aqua Lips
  • How to enlarge lips naturally
  • Correcting asymmetry

What can you expect from our training course?

First, you’ll learn general knowledge and all necessary theory in logically sequenced modules. Afterwards, the practice phase begins in which you will learn all the techniques step by step using practice utensils. You will additionally receive personal training in online Master Calls with our trainers.
We recommend scheduling about 3-6 weeks to complete the online courses. It will take roughly 10-12 hours a week to learn and practice.
Once you have completed four more in-depth training days in-person, you are all set for your new business.

  • General technical knowledge on PMU including anatomy, dermatology, hygiene and consultation
  • Visagistics, pre-drawing and validation; how to harmonise a face
  • Choosing the right shape and how to transfer it symmetrically
  • Colour theory, pigmentology: how to select pigments that match the skin, colour correction und how to mix colours.
  • Everything you need to know about tools including brow brush, golden ratio divider, and so on
  • All necessary utensils and skin care before, during and after a treatment
  • Follow-up appointment / touch-up: optimising PMU
  • The permanent makeup business model
  • The permanent makeup business model
  • Customer loyalty and acquiring new customers
  • Successful sales
  • Social media knowledge
  • Career development / business plan
  • on the practice head: make-up eyebrowing, make-up eyelining
  • on practice lips: Liplining make-up artistry
  • Handpiece guidance and device settings
  • Lines, contours and powdering on practice mats
  • Final eye building techniques
  • Step by step eyeliner techniques
  • Creative techniques Lip powder
  • Trouble shooting and avoiding mistakes
  • Targeted corrections
  • Further development and refinement of the skills acquired in the online part
  • Practical work on models under the supervision of the trainer
  • Certificate as MASTER OF POWDER


After you have absolved this first-class training course, you will receive your certificate “MASTER OF POWDER” which qualifies you to work as a Pigmentist in your salon!