• Module – Powder brows

    In this practical module, you will combine the skills you have learned so far from the “First Steps” module with your specialist knowledge from the “Working Materials and Make-up Artistry” module to develop a technique with a clearly defined goal: perfect pigmentation of powder brows.

Lesson PB1

Monocolour Powder Brow

  • Practice on fake skin, creating a monocolour Powder Brow
    • Powder outline or shading?
    • Systematic application
    • Treatment protocol
    • Pigment mask, PUSH
    • Train on practice head
  • Exercises on the doll head
    • New medium – every client absorbs pigment differently
    • Lamp configuration
    • Determining positions and directions

Lesson PB2

Colour gradients

  • Symmetric colour gradient
  • Colour gradient with one colour
  • Colour gradient with two colours

Lesson PB3

Powder Technique: follow-up treatment and touch-up

  • Evaluating results
  • Pigment selection
  • Fill-ins