• Module - Visagistics eyebrow

    The basis for perfectly symmetrical eyebrows and type-appropriate permanent make-up and blading is a flawless preliminary drawing. Here you will learn in theory and practice which shapes are best suited and how you can implement your plan quickly, precisely and evenly.

Lecture VS1

Eyebrow anatomy, arches, and curves

  • Definitions and terminology
  • Consultation materials
  • Pre-draw tools
  • Arches and curves (with examples)
  • Shape correction
  • Plucking, trimming, tinting, laser removal, mapping (photos)

Lecture VS2

Perfect eyebrow shape and how to transfer it symmetrically

  • Tips on golden ratio divider
  • Tips on mapping strings
  • Tips on white pigment
  • Control techniques

Lecture VS3

Pre-drawing for touch-ups, touch-ups, micropigmentation correction treatments

  • Control techniques and corrections
  • White pre-draw
  • Troubleshooting
  • shape correction and error analysis