• Module – Eyeliner

    This module combines your skills and knowledge from the eyebrow, make-up and first steps training modules. You will learn to master the optimum handpiece position for each eye and how to pigment the lash line, eyeliner and wing professionally.

Lesson AL1

Hand position and directional movement: eyes

  • Getting a feel for tension/penetration depth
  • Pre-drawing
  • Areas that are prone to blowout
  • Skin prep with KEEP

Lesson AL2

Eyelash Enhancement

  • Needle selection to optically thicken lash lines
  • Corrective eyelash enhancement
  • Free-hand shading pixels and dwell time

Lesson AL3

Opaque Eyeliner

  • Outline
  • Filling
  • PUSH

Lecture AL4

Powder Technique: eyes

  • Cautionary notes
  • Needle recommendations
  • Powder wing
  • Powder eyeliner
  • Colourful Powder micropigmentation and gradients